The Perfume and the Medias

We tend to believe that it is sufficient for a company to appear on a major magazine to pick up customers.

My long time experience matured with the press has shown me that this is not at all the case.
The funniest example is the last one in date, the review of a national Italian mode magazine, “Velvet” of La Repubblica.

This magazine was so kind as to send one of its reporters to one of my Natural Perfumery courses in order to unveil the mysteries of perfume “creation”. In this case I was to compose the “Velvet Perfume” together with their journalist.

The review was published in August and, thing totally unexpected to me they revealed the formula of the perfume in order to “let it smell” with the imagination to their readers.
The article occupied 3 full pages, it was unmistakable, and the journalist had been so kind as to publish our web site, our telephone number and even our address.

One million copies were put on the market and in a few days they were all gone so much that going round to buy a few copies to offer to customers I could not find any.
The magazine ends up in many waiting rooms, hair dressers shops, dentists and so on. The review had then being read by at least a million of Italian people.

The comical of the situation is that there has been just one single person who called us for inquiring about the Velvet perfume, if it was available for purchase.

Papers may bring you fame, not customers.
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