Philosophy of Perfume (part 1): Bases for a revolution


A philosopher is always a revolutionary because he aims at discovering truth and he does so by uncovering and denouncing falsehood.

Philosophy sets  the basics of morals and ethics in whatever field it inquires, because when it reveals truth from falsehood, it reveals also the right from the wrong.
This is also the limits of philosophy,  any philosophy  is worth only the philosopher.

The first thing which is taught to the students who want to enter a Way, a profession, a trade or an art is its ethics and its philosophy.

Guerlain is reported to have said  to perfumery students: “Have simple ideas, work them scrupulously, never cheat on the quality and make good products”.

He said “have simple ideas”, meaning that perfumers should work on simple ideas, because simple ideas are clear and having a clear idea of what one wants to do is indispensable to reach a result diligently and straight to the point. Complicated ideas are wrong because they give birth to no good results.
This sentence is Guerlain’s lesson to perfumers for being practical and have modesty.

“Work them scrupulously”, scrupulosity is the quality of who works meticulously, curing details, thoroughly and rigorously. Scrupulosity bestow to a person the quality of professionalism that belong only to those who do their work with utter seriousness.

The antonym of scrupulosity is carelessness. carelessness is wrong for anybody doing anything. Read more