Street Distillation

We have been invited to hold a public demonstration of distillation during an event organized by the city of Rimini. The event, a fair, is about smells and tastes, especially those made by hand, and with a sense of tradition.  Chefs from all around the world will be participating.

banco - Street Distillation

This exhibition, focusing as it does on the most antique crafts, is the perfect venue for Bashir, a master distiller of essential oils and builder of modern alembics, who will be promoting his distillation course even as he demonstrates it. 

alambico distillazione - Street Distillation


Our material for the fair: Himalayan pine.

distillazione pino - Street Distillation

piazza2 - Street Distillation


The fair is supplying us only with the electricity; on our own, we have enough water for cooling our super condenser and a water pump.

pompa distillazione - Street Distillation


I have brought my perfumes to show how aromatic plants become transformed into the fragrances that we wear. Together, my stall and Bashir’s complement and complete each other.

natural fragrances6 - Street Distillation


It is an opportunity for many people to smell my perfumes.

tester profumi - Street Distillation


Among them my most popular in Rimini:  African Night the anti-stress perfume; Bambini, the perfume for the inner child; and Oak Moss, Tarzan’s perfume.

profumi anima - Street Distillation


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natural perfume1 - Street Distillation

natural fragrance5 - Street Distillation

natural perfume2 - Street Distillation

natural perfume4 - Street Distillation


The moment when the essence comes forth is always a moment of joy, even after so many distillations.

essenza pino - Street Distillation


On the second day we will bottle the essence of the previous day, and our pine perfume will be ready for the public.

profumo pino - Street Distillation


The distilled mass is still hot, and very fragrant with the scent of pine wood.  The aromatic molecules that the wood contains are heavier than those of the needles, and the steam takes a longer time to extract them from it.  As the distillation cools, people come, take a handful and smell it.  When they do, they have a sensory experience unlike any they have had before.

pino distillato - Street Distillation


This hot material could be applied on joints to cure arthritis and joint pains.

bashir1 - Street Distillation


Bashir is very happy to have been able to show his skills of distiller and constructor of alembics, and he and I are very glad to be able to show our work in public, and pleased that our distillation has raised such a great interest among both the public and our colleagues in the ancient crafts, confirming what we have long believed: that many people are fascinated by the alchemy of transforming matter.

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