Second and Third day of Perfumery Course

connie - Second and Third day of Perfumery Course

Yesterday everybody shot a few arrows and realized how innate is archery in us.

The world of perfumery is in need of a philosophy and of ethics. What is the state of today’s philosophy and ethics we have perfumes full of chemicals who are legally natural, molecules from bio-technologies that are legally organic and a bunch of natural molecules that are legally allergenic, although they refuse stubbornly to give allergies to consumers of natural perfumes or to aromatherapy users. 

We had workshop to learn how to define a clear idea and to execute it scrupulously.  We executed the Aisha’s idea, “Urban Patchouli”.

Custom perfumery and scents that sing to the soul. Custom perfumes are the meaning of perfumery, of the life of a perfumer, real perfumes made for real people.
Students made their first custom perfume. Each one made it for his table partner. They are learning the method. Don’t be complicated, be minimalist, making perfumes is easy, do not make it difficult.

Fourth day class was about  Olfactory language and the meaning of smells. I explained how to acquire the brain of a perfumer, a mind that can think with smells.

We bottled our custom perfumes in a beautiful flask.

custom perfume - Second and Third day of Perfumery Course

A lady from nearby Riccione phoned to brief  me on a signature scent for her perfumery.  “We have a customer”! I told the group. A real customer for which we shall make a real perfume. This is a real exercise.

Each student executed the brief as if they were perfumers for this client. The perfumes are surprisingly good.
Is there a better way to learn?

class2 - Second and Third day of Perfumery Course

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