Patients waiting outside the perfume hospital

Doctors have always observed strange epidemics of non-contagious diseases, such as arthrosis epidemics or sores. It’s been assumed that the causes are cosmo-geological, meaning solar winds or fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Two years ago in Timbuktu, the major disorder I was asked to treat was hemorrhoids.  It was a real epidemic.  When I came back, I equipped myself with large stocks of the miracle remedy for this problem, the essential oil of cypress.  This essence has healed without exception all those who have taken it, even the people who were suffering from this disorder for decades.


The cypress fruits

The essence needs to be used pure (beware it burns the first few times) or in olive oil (40 drops per 8 ml). This remedy has to be applied every time one goes to the bathroom, after washing up with water, not with the paper. The paper is then used to dry the area to be treated, dabbing it gently.


The cypress tree

The remedy is not only very effective, the results are also very quick and the relief is felt even with the first applications.


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