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Abdes Salam Attar

Abdes Salam Attar, of French origins, is perhaps one of the most famous perfume composers and researchers in olfactory psychology operating in Europe. Approaching perfumery in full respect of the deep and wide Eastern culture of the natural essences and of their effects, he returns to the antique tradition of the herbalist-perfumer that endeavours to heal most common psychosomatic ills through olfaction, a field of aromatherapy that he define as PerfumeTherapy.

For olfactory Marketing Abdes Salam Attar applies the rules of psycho-aromatherapy and of olfactory psychology in order to elaborate true “psychological fragrances” (exclusively natural) that transport messages of olfactory communication and predispose the public to positive behavioural answers.

He also elaborates olfactory logos and realises studies of olfactory marketing for companies and stores.

In order to promote and to disclose aromatherapy and natural perfumery he has invented a series of didactical olfactory games that allow us to learn and to experience aromatherapy, olfactory psychology and the art of olfactory communication.

For the world of the show business Abdes Salam Attar proposes olfactory settings for events and large scale outdoor perfuming that predispose the public to collective emotional states.

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