Olfactory Jewels

I chose to make natural perfumes as someone chooses to work with precious metals and rare gemstones instead of plastic beads and pearls of colored glass. The first reason has been that at the beginning of my perfumer’s life, I experienced severe allergies with some synthetic raw materials. The second reason is that I always wanted the real thing at any cost, and in the world of perfumery, the real simply means the natural. There has been no ideology in my choice, only discovering the truth.

An emerald is more beautiful than a piece of green glass, it is not a question of taste but of understanding. Children love kitsch jewelry made with glass, nickel and plastic. There are some real artistic masterpieces of such jewelry made with these materials. However, real ladies wear real jewels and a bride would never accept anything else than a golden ring and a real diamond.


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by Perfumer Composer AbdusSalaam Attar

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Perfumes for the few

Unconventional, unusual and eccentric fragrances

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Your personal scent of the soul

by Perfumer Composer AbdusSalaam Attar

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The kit is designed to give to beginners the tools to start composing your own fragrances

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“Making perfumes is easy” by Perfumer Composer AbdusSalaam Attar

Latest review

Oak Moss

“Oak Moss is the Patek Philippe Calatrava of the Via del Profumo range: very high quality as with the others, but the most formal, minimalist, clean and understated….”

By Crdb on Basenotes

Interview with AbdesSalaam Attar

“… His answers are filled with poetic grace, thoughtfulness, and honesty on such varied subjects as his perfume background, alchemy and spirituality, animal pheromones and human olfactory instinct …”  by Kafkaesque



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My favourites are Arabia (Damascus rose-castoreum), Muschio di Quercia, a dry, uncompromising oakmoss and Legno di Nave, a very nice woody fragrance. All are very skilful, none heavy, trite or overegged. Indeed, many feel surprisingly modern, showing that there may be more life left than I thought in the pre-chemistry tradition..

Luca Turin Perfume criticperfumesilove

… Perhaps this is an effect of the perfumer being a Sufi. What little I know about this mystical, meditative branch of Islam leads me to think that the sense of wordless attunement between the craftsman and the crafted might be at play in the Sufis’ quest for divesting themselves from the Self to attain truth.

Denyse BeaulieuPerfume criticGrain de Musc

Mona Lisa smells enticing, like a proper French perfume of old instead of a random mix of natural essences and yet retains a vibrancy that instantly makes you feel good, reassuring, leaning to smell the scent on your arms again and again and again in all stages…
How does Dubrana do it? He doesn’t say. It should remain thus: the enigmatic, sphinx-like smile of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Elena VosnakiPerfumeShrine blogPerfume Shrine

The finest ingredients, a master’s intuition: these are nice concepts, but how does it smell?

Gorgeous. Dubrana has a very light touch with heavy scents, a flair for unexpected combinations (tobacco and roses, for example) and a gift for a kind of fragrant profundity that circumvents the usual categories of perfume (candy and flowers, musk and souk, greenery, spice rack) while somehow encompassing them all

Jim LewisNew York TimesThe New York Times Style Magazine